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Canon 550d dSLR camera review

With outstanding image quality, excellent build quality and must-have HD video recording, the Canon EOS 500D represents great value for money. The exposure system does suffer from an erratic performance and its dynamic range also appears to be slightly more limited than its predecessor, the 450D, but overall the 500D feels like a more advanced camera and is more than a worthy successor. \r
You can read our full text review on TrustedReviews.com: http://www.trustedreviews.com/Canon-EOS-550D_Digital-Camera_review

Canon 550D Training Video - Beginner guide to photography part 1/3

Beginner guide to photography there are 3 parts.

Hosts Charissa Seet Stephanie Tan
Producer Jay Yao
Writer/ Director Jordan Katherine See
Production Manager Lee Wei Wei
Director of Photography Shawn Fonseka
Additional Photography Joseph Lee Jay Yao
Gaffer Alfred Lim
Location Sound Recordist Mickey Lee
Stylist Woei Seah
Fixer (Shanghai) Zheng Yuyue
Production Assistants Gao Mong Ruan Jiang Xian Ting
Post-Production Infinite Frameworks
Offline Editor Azhar Ismon
Online Editor Joseph Chia
Colourist Yazmin Mat Rahah
Post Producer Eddy Lam
Audio Post-Production Home Studio Pte Ltd
Composer Joshua Chia
Sound Design Jesper Zeng
Audio Post Producer Rina Johari
Special thanks Cinegear (S) Pte Ltd
The Cottage Café
696 Wei Hai Road
Cedric at LE REXO Art\u0026Deco
Guo Chuan Yin

Using the Canon 550D / T2i in 2020 (and compared to the GH5)

The 550D/T2i is one of the OGs...
10 years after it was released, how does it hold up compared to the more modern Lumix GH5?



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